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Unique work  / Mixed collage on paper 32x42


  • The eye is lost in the detour of these feminine curves, it

    clings to these palpable colored vibrations, it builds thanks to these graphic lines defying the horizon. Is it a country? Some beings ? A dream.

    Perhaps a bit of all three, a dance of edges and palettes, an invitation to dream, to let yourself be transported to a sensitive and rhythmic elsewhere.

    "Utopia" is a work tinged with personality and strength, a path of liberation, a new path of exploration.

    Oscar Wilde said: "A map of the world on which the country of Utopia does not appear does not deserve the slightest glance." Today, let's take a look at this astonishing imaginary country where energy and strength mingle, let's take the time to discover every corner of it for a moment and more if you like… Bon voyage!

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