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Privatize Terra Quinta and turn a classic seminar into an experience!

Once upon a time, Terra Quinta, a haven of peace usually reserved for meditation and serenity, was transformed into a dynamic seminar center for a company specializing in artificial intelligence. Thanks to The Collectionist platform, this place, renowned for its spiritual retreats, hosted its very first corporate seminar. For five days, yoga mats gave way to ephemeral offices, and vegetarian buffets were transformed into sumptuous meals prepared by a Michelin-starred chef.

From the very first day, the irony of the situation was sure to raise a smile: technology experts, usually surrounded by screens and gadgets, found themselves discussing the digital future right in the heart of nature, under hundred-year-old oak trees and accompanied by the chirping of birds. One participant even joked that it was the first time he'd replaced his wallpaper with a real landscape!

One of the most memorable anecdotes was the brainstorming session / Ceramics “without screens” where, equipped with simple pieces of clay, paper and pencils, participants were tasked with rethinking their life mission and original intention and creating a collective ceramic work. This return to basics produced some surprising ideas, proving that sometimes less technology leads to more creativit

To lighten the mood between work sessions, the seminar offered some unexpected activities. Imagine the hilarious scene where a group of programmers, usually so calm and composed, launch into a spontaneous yoga competition at the request of the wellness coach temporarily transformed into a team-building facilitator. The winner? Whoever managed to hold the tree pose for the longest time, while laughter made the most concentrated participants waver.

The Michelin-starred chef's lush dinners were another stark contrast to Terra Quinta's usual regimen. One evening, a curious data geek ventured to help the chef, hoping to learn a magic formula behind the delicious sauces. The chef, amused, showed him that sometimes, the best formula is to let the natural ingredients speak for themselves.

These five days at Terra Quinta finally convinced even the most technology-addicted of us of the benefits of disconnection. In a charming return to simplicity, this team of AI experts discovered that true connection isn't measured in gigabytes, but in the moments shared and memories created away from screens, in the heart of living, inspiring nature.

Who would have thought that such different backgrounds would find common ground in this unspoilt location, thanks to The Collectionist's ability to perfectly orchestrate this alliance between tradition and modernity, innovation and a return to basics.

The Terra Quinta agenda, a sanctuary of tranquility and meditation, has rapidly become a popular venue for exceptional corporate seminars. The popularity of this enchanting venue has soared, attracting companies from a variety of sectors looking to combine the rigors of teambuilding with more traditional wellness techniques such as meditation and collective mantra chanting.

Imagine financial professionals, accustomed to the frenetic rhythms of the markets, starting their days with sunrise meditation sessions, followed by mantra chanting. These moments of calm and centering slowly turn into dynamic teambuilding activities such as role-playing or strategy challenges, where they put into practice the patience and concentration cultivated during chanting and meditation.

The site also offers outdoor activities that take advantage of Terra Quinta's sumptuous surroundings, such as guided hikes, ceramics courses, Kirtan evenings around the fire, surfing initiations and horseback rides that, while fun, reinforce team spirit and joint problem-solving.

Discover Terra Quinta: the perfect setting for an unforgettable seminar experience

Nestled in an idyllic setting, Terra Quinta is a veritable sanctuary of elegance and comfort, suitable for all types of seminars and groups. With its versatile facilities and serene ambience, Terra Quinta is the ideal place to transform every event into a tailor-made experience, personalized to your preferences and needs.

Whether you're looking to inspire creativity, strengthen team spirit or simply offer a moment of relaxation and connection, Terra Quinta knows how to adapt its majestic space to meet every desire. Surrounded by the natural beauty of unspoilt nature, your seminar here promises not only maximum efficiency, but also an enriching moment that will remain etched in the memories of all participants.

Come to Terra Quinta, where every seminar becomes an exceptional getaway, combining work and well-being in a spectacular setting.

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