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Updated: May 27


Terra Quinta meets Silence Experience, guided by the wonderful Jeanne and Jonathan,

Ah, city dwellers! Known for their unfailing love of lively terraces, the corner bistro and, of course, their omnipresent screens. But when a group of city dwellers addicted to the daily hustle and bustle and incessant notifications decide to try a silent retreat at Terra Quinta, expect a most entertaining comedy.

Picture this: an enchanting setting in the heart of nature, where the only audible sound is that of leaves whispering in the wind and birds chirping. Five days of total disconnection, without a word, without tweets, without selfies. For these city dwellers, it's a whole new world, a show without filters or emoji. Fortunately, Jeanne and Jonathan are there to kindly guide their steps towards silence.

As soon as they arrive, the bustle is palpable. Separating themselves from their smartphones is an ordeal worthy of Hercules. Some seem almost physically affected by the absence of vibration or blue light. However, as silence sets in, a metamorphosis takes place. Their eyes, disoriented at first, become deeper, exploring not screens but the immensity of nature - and the depth of their inner being.

The first day is confusing. Some whisper in their neighbors' ears, as if silence were a zone with poor network coverage that they were desperately trying to bypass. The first bursts of laughter emerge when, during a meditation, a paunchy businessman falls asleep and starts snoring, breaking the silence with a rather unexpected melody.

On the second day, participants begin to tame the silence. Eyes close less often to escape the gaze of others, and more frequently to plunge into themselves. The first revelations are heard, not in words, but in tears of liberation and smiles of recognition.

Towards the third day, we observe solitary walks where everyone loses themselves in order to find each other again. Some, once chained to their screens, rediscover simple pleasures like the song of a bird or the quiver of water in a stream.

On the fourth day, an almost palpable calm sets in. Faces are less tense, shoulders less hunched. It's as if the silence has worked a kind of magic, casting aside masks and pretence, revealing a naked simplicity, devoid of artifice.

On the last day, the farewells are made with nods, smiles and glances charged with a new, profound understanding. They leave, not as they came, but transformed, pacified, certain that silence is not a void but a space filled with answers.

Welcome to the King of Silence's paradise at Terra Quinta, where inner noise leads to serene calm and luminous insight. Farewell to masks and appearances. Welcome to simplicity, where authenticity reigns supreme. Thanks to Jeanne and Jonathan for their gentle guidance in this world without noise.

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