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a cheat sheet for choosing from the wide range of wellness retreats on offer?

Tired, exhausted or just in a fog? Looking for clarity and calm to refresh your spirit? At Terra Quinta, we understand that every wellness journey is unique. That's why our range of retreats is carefully designed to meet a variety of needs and aspirations.

For serenity and inner reconnection: Opt for our meditation, silence or gentle yoga retreats, perfect for those wishing to reconnect with themselves and find inner peace.

To revitalize your energy: If you're feeling sad or stuck in exhausting routines, our retreats to reconnect with the living, full of creative workshops, walks and meditations, will help you regain your radiance.

For lovers of adventure and activity: Our dynamic Pilates or Yoga retreats combine active sessions with periods of rest and tasty meals for the perfect balance between energy and relaxation.

For a balance between land and sea: Discover our combined yoga and surfing retreats, where you can practice yoga every morning and have fun in the waves in the afternoon.

For creatives seeking inspiration: Our retreats integrating ceramics, meditation and walks are designed to stimulate your creativity, helping you reconnect with your inner muse in a soothing setting.

For deep personal exploration: Join our family constellation and shamanic ritual retreats, an invitation to discover unexplored parts of your being.

At Terra Quinta, just 30 minutes from Lisbon airport, our mission is to create an exceptional place where everyone can enjoy a unique and transformative experience. Our facilities are designed to offer all the comfort and peace necessary for total immersion:

Spacious yoga studio: A former hangar transformed into a light-filled studio for over 50 participants, equipped for all practices.

Renovated rooms: We offer designer accommodation with ultra-comfortable beds, private bathrooms and reversible air-conditioning, ensuring a pleasant stay whatever the climate.

At Terra Quinta, we offer a wide range of possibilities, enabling everyone to find the retreat that suits them, in the heart of the Ribatejo plains. Come and join us for a rejuvenating break, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and close to nature.

Find out more about all our retreats on our website, in the Retreats section.

If you're a wellness professional looking for the perfect place to host your next retreat, don't hesitate to contact us to share your project.

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