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Last year, under the radiant Portuguese sun, the hills of Terra Quinta were transformed into an open-air studio for French brand Marlot Paris, known for its elegant women's and children's ready-to-wear collections. For four days, the estate played host to an all-female team led by the dynamic and inspiring Constance, close friend of Macha and Thibault and Creative Director of Marlot Paris.

A few days shooting at Terra Quinta

The adventure began one summer morning, when Constance and her team, armed with steamy dresses and colorful tunics, stormed the lush gardens of Terra Quinta. The first day was mainly devoted to discovering the estate's magical surroundings. Constance, with her artistic eye, quickly identified an avenue lined with plane trees as the first perfect backdrop. But what was supposed to be a series of serious shots soon turned into a cascade of laughter, thanks to the magic of this team who poetically transform work into a moment of happiness.

On the second day, the team explored the orchard, where the soft morning light provided an idyllic backdrop that highlighted the sensuality and femininity of the collection. Enthusiasm was at its peak, especially when one of the young models decided that one of the Marlot Paris beach towels was perfect for an impromptu snack break on the pampas, creating an adorable impromptu photo shoot, captured by the amused photographers.

On the third day, Terra Quinta's pergola, with its breathtaking view of fields and bird chorus, served as the backdrop for the star pieces of the Summer 2024 collection. Here, Constance coordinated the elements for spectacular shots, where each garment seemed to dance with the wind. The complicity between the models and the designer was obvious, making every pose natural and every shot captivating.

Finally, the last day was devoted to final details, potential forgotten shots and a series of intimate portraits in front of the pool or lying on the hammocks. It was a perfect finish, symbolizing the solidity and durability of Marlot Paris, magnified by the tranquility of Terra Quinta.

Results of the Terra Quinta photo shoot

These four days at Terra Quinta were filled with hard work, but also with lightness and joy, perfectly illustrating the fruitful friendship between Terra Quinta and Marlot Paris. Well done to Constance and her team for this magnificent, perfectly coordinated and joyful work. And long live the new Summer 24 collection, all of whose pieces are becoming best-sellers.

The result? Varied, colorful, sensual and feminine photos, where each piece in the collection was enhanced by the beauty of its surroundings and vice versa.

This privatization highlighted Terra Quinta's versatility, and leaves the question unanswered: who will be the next brand to discover this warm, elegant venue for their shoot?

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