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Updated: Jun 4


Looking to organize a special event for your loved ones? Look no further! Choose Terra Quinta and put together an à la carte retreat that will meet all your expectations and more. Imagine a one-of-a-kind retreat tailored to you and your loved ones. Here's why Terra Quinta is the perfect choice for your next wellness getaway!

Yoga or ceramics? The choice is yours!

. Yoga: Want to reconnect with your body and mind? Our yoga sessions, suitable for all levels, are waiting for you. Ashtanga, Nidra, kundalini, Hatha, Vyniasa... We work in each discipline with specialists who will guide your practice with gentleness and precision.

. Ceramics: Unleash your creativity with our ceramics workshops. There's nothing like putting your hands in the clay to relax.

. Meditation: Delve into your thoughts and find inner peace with our guided meditation sessions.

. Pilates: gently tone up and improve your posture with our Pilates classes.


For adventurers and gourmets

. Surfing: Catch the waves and feel the adrenalin with our surfing courses on Portugal's magnificent beaches, just 30 minutes from Terra Quinta.

. Cooking: Learn to concoct delicious local dishes with our cooking workshops, ideal for gourmands!

. Walking: Explore the picturesque trails around Terra Quinta and take in the beauty of nature.

. Golf: Just a few minutes from our estate, enjoy an exceptional two 18-hole golf course.

. Farniente : Would you prefer to laze in the sun? Our relaxation areas are made for you!


A desire for sweetness and sharing

. Breathwork: Take a deep breath and reconnect with yourself with our Breathwork workshops.

. Painting: Let your imagination run wild and create works of art in our painting sessions.

. Concert and Kirtan: Experience magical moments and share the love of music with our evening concerts and kirtans.


Compose the Perfect Stay

Share your wishes with us and together we'll put together the perfect wellness break for your family and loved ones. Whether it's yoga, ceramics, meditation, Pilates, surfing, cooking, walking, golf, lazing, breathwork, painting, concerts or kirtan, we're sure to have something to suit you.

Click on the link below to find out more about our workshops:

Welcome to Terra Quinta

Our dedicated team is at your service to make your stay an unforgettable experience. Terra Quinta isn't just a place; it's an experience to be lived and shared. So, what are you waiting for to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones? Welcome to Terra Quinta!

And remember: at Terra Quinta, it's all about your well-being!

Namaste and see you soon at Terra Quinta!


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