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Head to Portugal for a wellness retreat at Terra Quinta: alone or with friends, as simple as it is good!

You know it's time for a break when you start dreaming of herbal teas and inner silence in the middle of a Zoom meeting. Why not treat yourself to the luxury of a wellness retreat in Portugal, at the superb Terra Quinta retreat center? Whether you choose to go it alone or bring your friends along on this Zen adventure, it's as simple and delicious as a pastel de nata!

Why Terra Quinta? Because!

First, a word about Terra Quinta. Imagine a place where birdsong replaces the din of car horns, and your worries melt away like snow in the sun (except this is Portugal, so it's more like sunscreen at 30°C). Nestled between hills and cork oak, this center is your ticket to wellness paradise.


Travelling alone? No fear

Going off on your own for a wellness retreat is like ordering a whole pizza just for you. No one to judge, and you can really enjoy it at your own pace. At Terra Quinta, you'll find everything you need to reconnect with yourself: yoga, meditation, walks in the fresh air... and even moments of pure idleness by the pool. The people are welcoming, and who knows, you might even meet new people who are as soothing as your savasana breathing!


With friends, it's even better!

Want to share this unique moment with your best friends? Going to Terra Quinta with your friends means more laughs and more memories. Morning yoga, healthy and tasty cuisine, hiking in the great outdoors - it's all more fun in a group! And what could be better than debriefing your 6 a.m. meditation over a cup of green tea?


Simplicity incarnate

Getting here is child's play. Terra Quinta is ideally located just 30 minutes from Lisbon airport. Just catch a flight, hop on a shuttle (which we can arrange for you, no stress), and you're 30 minutes away in our haven of peace. How easy is that?


A multitude of activities

At Terra Quinta, there's something for everyone. Whether you're a yoga addict, a pottery enthusiast (yes, yes, a ceramics workshop), a hiking fan, or simply a farniente enthusiast, you'll find what you're looking for. And for the more adventurous, why not try your hand at surfing on the nearby beaches?



So, are you ready to cast off for an enchanted interlude at Terra Quinta? Whether you come alone for peaceful introspection or with friends for shared moments, our retreat center is sure to live up to all your expectations. Because sometimes, happiness is just a yoga mat and a plane ticket away.

So pack your bags (don't forget your good mood) and join us for an unforgettable wellness experience in Portugal. At Terra Quinta, it's as easy as it is good!

Namaste and see you soon at Terra Quinta!


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