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Updated: May 27


In 2019, after leaving our design jobs in Paris, we decided to pursue our passion in Portugal by creating Terra Quinta, a holistic center dedicated to nature, art and meditation.

Accompanied by our twin daughters Brune and Mahault, then aged 7, we plunged enthusiastically into this adventure. In no time at all, we discovered this magical place nestled in the Ribatejo plains, abandoned for many years.

It was the start of an extraordinary adventure...

We then embarked on an intense phase of creation and learning, bringing the land to life and shaping our dream.

Before long, a wonderfully talented community joined us, contributing regularly to our efforts. Together, we planted, dug, built and realized the crazy dream of this green paradise. A lot of hard work and effort, rewarded every day by an increasingly lush garden and a colony of birds whose songs delight us.

Over the months, trees, shrubs, plants and flowers have bloomed, the tribe has grown, Baptiste was born and is now growing to the rhythm of birdsong, in the heart of this haven of life.

Every day, our tribe takes advantage of this paradise to blossom and pass on their love of nature and life.

Welcome to our dream come true.

We're delighted to share it with you now. Believe in your dreams, give them life and listen to them blossom!

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